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Truth Or Dare


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It begins with a knock on the door late one night, and an invitation that David can scarcely believe is real. Does he want to join Mel and Julia in their room for a game of truth or dare? David joins the game, and things quickly begin to escalate with a series of more and more risque dares. How long will it be before the sexual tension becomes overwhelming? Read on to find out.


It was Mel's turn after that, and predictably enough, she picked me.

"Dare," I said.

"Oh," said Mel. She had to think for ages before she could come up with anything. Me and Julia teased her as she tried to think. I pretended to fall asleep and Julia kept looking pointedly at her watch and yawning. At last Mel's face lit up. "I've got one," she announced. "I dare you to take off your top." Just as she had before when she asked me to come up to her room she rushed the words out, as though she were shy of what she was saying.

For a moment there was a kind of resistance in me. Shyness. Take off my top before the gaze of two attractive girls I'd only just met. But then I thought: what the hell. I'm never going to be asked such a thing again. Might as well make the most of it. Setting down my beer on the desk I stood and pulled my t-shirt over my head. It dropped to the floor, and I sat again feeling about ten times more naked than I actually was. Julia was studying me with a kind of blatant curiosity that I found strangely appealing. Mel was looking too, although she was shy enough to try and hide it.

"Your turn," said Mel to Julia.

"Hmm," she said, stroking her chin in mock-thought. "I think I'll go with David as well."

"Dare," I said again. I'd decided right then and there that I was going to answer dare whenever I was asked. No exceptions.

Julia smiled wickedly. "Give Mel a kiss," she said. "A proper one. It's got to last at least a minute."

"Julia!" cried Mel. I almost gasped myself. It was strange the way a kind of charge ran through the air. In that second we all knew that it was going to happen, that--now that the dare had been uttered--there was no going back on it. And somehow by making the dare Julia had unlocked something. If we went through with this then anything could happen afterwards...

"It's a dare Mel. Now be a good girl..." The wicked smile was still there on her lips. I realised that Julia would be watching the whole performance. Better make it good, I thought. Raising an arm I beckoned Mel to come over to me, and like a puppet on strings she rose. I could see that she was blushing furiously and trying to hide behind her hair. She came and stood by my chair and sort of bent halfway down towards me. She knew that she had to play along (it was a dare after all) but she didn't know how close she was allowed to come to me. In a way it was rather sweet.

To help her out I reached up and put a gentle hand on the back of her neck. In one smooth, quick movement I pulled her down into a kiss. Her mouth met mine, and for a second there was an awkward stiffness there. Then she melted, gave herself over to it. Her mouth opened and her lips met mine. She tasted sweetly of cherry lip gloss. My tongue pressed against hers and my hand slipped up her neck to the side of her face. Her eyes were closed. After a minute I felt her cool hand on my bare chest, just resting there. It sent thrills through me, and I kissed her harder, exploring her mouth, her tongue, her teeth, her lips. There was complete silence in the room. Not a sound. Not a movement.

It went on for far longer than a minute. And in the end it was me who pulled away. Mel hovered, eyes closed in the air in front of me, looking almost as though she were still waking from a dream. The she blinked and straightened up. Her blush--which had all but disappeared--returned full force, and she quickly retreated to her place on the bed, and buried her smiling face in the duvet. I breathed steadily. My heart was pounding and my dick was hard, pressing against the fabric of my jeans.

Julia, still seated in her place on the bed, gave a low whistle. "Your turn, David," she said.

"Julia again," I said without hesitation.

"Dare," replied Julia, equally quickly.

It only took a moment's thought to come up with my dare. "I think I'm a bit tired of being the only half-naked one around here," I said. "Get your top off."

Julia rolled her eyes. "Such a typical boy," she said.

"I'm waiting."

She sat up straighter in bed and pulled her blouse off over her head, revealing a black bra dotted with bright red hearts. Her breasts were larger than they looked beneath her clothes, rounded and inviting. It was strange how feminine her narrow shoulders looked, how slim and toned her belly.

"Happy?" she said.

"Quite," I replied, meeting the challenge in her eyes.

Mel's turn next. She picked Julia and Julia picked dare. "You've got to kiss David now," said Mel with obvious delight. "At least a minute, remember."

Julia shrugged, clearly unphased. She stood and came to me and leaned down, all so quickly that I barely had time to react. Her hand was on the side of my neck and her lips met mine. I felt her tongue, luscious and hot in my mouth and--after getting over my initial shock--I responded in kind. Kissing Julia was such a totally different experience from kissing Mel. Mel had been passive, gentle, but Julia pushed herself into me with a hard, blazing urgency. She tasted of alcohol, heady and rich. I could feel her leading me, vying for dominance over the kiss, and I fought. Sometimes I lead and sometimes she.

And then I felt her hand on my chest. Not resting there like Mel's had, but slipping lower, lower, over my naked chest and stomach and down to my jeans, where my hard cock pressed against denim. Her hand made contact through my jeans. Not an accidental touch, but a firm, full grope. I felt my dick swell in response and I relished the surprised intake of breath that Julia could not hide. I felt hard as rock, as a metal rod.

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