Friday, 23 November 2012

Sir (Part One)


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Clare thinks her secret is safe. Her deepest, most shameful secret--a fetish that she's afraid to even mention to her timid boyfriend. Her fantasy seems destined to remain nothing more than idle speculation... until one day her boss calls her into his office and reveals a secret that changes everything...


"I have two choices, Clare," he said. "The first option is, I could fire you. What do you think of that?"

"I'm really sorry, sir. I... I never thought..."

"I asked you a question."

"I'd... I'd rather not be fired, sir." She could hear the tremble in her voice.

"Good. Then there's the second option. We could deal with this quietly, just between us. Nobody would have to find out, and you could keep your job. You would have to be... punished of course. But you'd at least get to keep your little secret."

He sat back in his chair, appraising her, waiting for her to speak. "How would we, um, deal with it quietly?" she asked, almost not daring to hope that she might escape from this with her secret fetish still a secret.

He stood up and walked slowly around the desk to her. She stayed immobile in her seat, holding her breath, not looking at him but looking at the wall instead. He stood beside her, tall and powerful and frightening.

"A spanking," he said simply.

Clare found herself suddenly unable to breathe. She had to force herself to swallow, force air into her lungs. It felt as if there was a fire burning in the pit of her stomach.


"Either you can go and collect your belongings right now and leave, or you can bend over the desk and take a spanking. A long, hard, painful one, mind you, but just a spanking. Then your secret would be safe, and you could go just as before. It's your choice, Clare."

Her mouth was dry. "But..." She wanted to say that he wasn't allowed, that it was against the rules, but she knew that didn't matter to him. She wanted to leap to her feet and be outraged and threaten to report him, to storm out of the office. But she knew at once that she would do none of these things, because he was going to spank her. She was going to bend over the desk and have him spank her like a little girl. That, more than anything at that exact moment, was what she really, truly wanted.

But no, she couldn't. Couldn't just let him do that to her. It was wrong. What about David? And what if it got out? It would be a hundred times more humiliating for her colleagues to find out that she had been spanked in the office than to find out she had simply looked up some porn on her phone.

"Well?" he said, his voice clipped and calm.

Clare stood up, uncertain, her legs wobbling. She looked from the desk to the door. Her stomach swirled, hot, bright arousal throbbing through her. She thought again of the humiliation she would feel if David of her colleagues found out about her fetish.

In the end it was no choice at all. She took a step towards the desk and put two trembling hands on its surface.

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