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Nick's half-sister Jess is coming to stay. She's a bright and bubbly eighteen-year-old, and they're quickly good friends. But it doesn't stop there. However wrong it might be, Nick finds himself attracted to Jess. It's an attraction that he tries to bottle up, tries to shut away, but that simply cannot be contained. 


We were both sitting around, kind of relaxed. I had one arm layed out along the back of the sofa, so that my hand was right behind her head. On an impulse, I started gently playing with her hair. It's a habit I have whenever I'm with a girl, and so I just started doing it without even thinking.

"That's nice," said Jess. I stopped at once, but she pouted. "No, come on. Please."

Well, I figured, it couldn't hurt. I went back to twisting her hair around my fingers, pulling a little. I found her ear and ran a thumb behind it, stroking at the little hairs at the back of her neck. She tilted her head back and gave a pleasurable little moan.

"Rub my neck?" she said. I ran my hand beneath her hair and gripped her neck. Thin beneath my fingers. I could feel the tendons near her shoulders. I squeezed, gently at first, then increasing the pressure. Her hair danced ticklishly over the back of my hand. "Harder," she said, pleadingly. I complied.

I listened to her breathe. Slow and deep. I realised that I was hard again, but this time I didn't really mind. I mean, what was so weird about this? She was a girl after all. What was wrong with getting a hard-on while touching a girl, even if she was my half-sister?

Jess bent forward on the sofa, hands crossed over her knees and chin on her wrists. She flipped her hair forward over her shoulder, exposing her back. I pushed my knuckles in between her shoulders blades and rubbed up and down. I could feel the bumps of her spine, and across them the strap of her bra. I shifted closer and pushed down a little harder. Jess moaned with pleasure. "That's good, Nick."

I kept on rubbing for a minute, enjoying myself, enjoying the feel of Jess' body. Then she sat up. She flipped her legs up onto the sofa and lay back against me, grabbing my arm as she did so.

"Nick," she said.

"What?" I shifted awkwardly. Her change of position had taken me by surprise, and I was keen for her not to feel how hard I was. For a moment she just held my hand in both of hers, and then she put it flat on her stomach.

"Go on," she said. And so I started rubbing her stomach, round and round in little circles, pressing hard. Her belly was so much softer than her back, so much more give to it. But still she wasn't satisfied. She grabbed my wrist, pushing my hand higher, higher. Up towards her breasts.

"Jess?" I said. "What are you doing?" Her eyes were shut and I could feel the in and out of every breath she took. I could feel the beat of her heart; it was racing.

"Just do this, please." Her voice itself was a moan. "Please Nick."

To be honest, I needed no further encouragement. I was painfully hard already, and the sight of Jess' bra through her t-shirt only made it worse.

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