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Sandra loves her boyfriend Joel, and depends on him to discipline her and keep her on the straight and narrow. When Joel discovers that Sandra has been stealing jewellery, she has no choice but to confess and take her punishment... a punishment that turns out to be one of the hardest she's ever received. "Correction" is a short erotic story with themes of domestic discipline and spanking.


"What's this?" asked Joel, holding up a handful of gold and silver jewellery he had just found hidden in a sock on Sandra's desk. They were at her place, though her housemates were out. He had come over now that her classes were finished for the day; they had made plans to catch a film together later.

"Oh that." Sandra had just re-entered the room and she looked at what Joel had found with a sense of dismay. "It's nothing. We should probably go . . ."

But Joel didn't move. "I want to know, Sandra."

She could never lie to him. "It's just some jewellery," she muttered.

"You can't afford this stuff," said Joel flatly. "Where did you get it?"

Sandra hesitated before speaking, and when her voice came it was small and whispered. "I stole it."

The words were greeted with a cold silence, and Sandra didn't dare to look at Joel's face, afraid of seeing anger there. Only he could make her feel shame like this. Instead, she looked down at her feet like a naughty little girl.

"From where?" asked Joel.

"A department store."

Joel examined the handful of gold and silver. It was all quite cheap stuff, but that wasn't the point. "That was wrong, Sandra."

His tone of voice, the anger in his eyes almost made her want to cry. "I'm sorry," she said. "Really Joel, I'm sorry." She turned to leave the room but Joel crossed quickly to her and grabbed her arm.

"Wait," he said sternly. "You know I'm not just going to let this slide, Sandra."

"What? Look I know it was wrong. I just . . . I just wanted them was all. And I'm sick of not having any money."

Joel shook his head. "Not good enough."

"Please don't be angry."

His voice was quite calm, but she could sense how dissapointed he was, how furious. "You've been bad, Sandra."

"It's only a few things. It's not much."

But Joel kept hold of her arm. "I don't care. You're going to be punished for this."

"Oh . . . but . . ."

"No, Sandra. No arguments." He guided her to the middle of her room. "Take off your jeans."

"No, wait." Sandra felt a moment of dread along with the shame. "Don't spank me for this. I'm sorry, really."

"Tough." Joel glared at her levelly. "You did it, and now you'll be punished for it. Take them off."

Sandra hated to be spanked. It wasn't just the pain or the humiliation for it (although the pain was usually very bad), it was also the fact that Joel was angry enough with her to resort to it. More than anything in the world she loved Joel, and it was tough when he was angry with her. He's had call to punish her like this twice before, when she had gotten drunk and behaved badly, but those had been relatively minor offences compared to this. Even then, he had been severe in his punishment; her bottom had remained bruised for days afterwards. Both those incidents were in the past, however. If nothing else, Sandra knew spanking was effective, that it worked for her, made her change her behaviour. That didn't make her hate it any the less.

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