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Cuffs / Knife / Belt


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"Cuffs / Knife / Belt" is a collection of three short erotic stories by Klayton Frost. Beginning with a pair of handcuffs, and moving onto a knife and then a leather belt, each of these pieces is a brief and intimate look into an aspect of BDSM play and kinky sex. Short and sweet, "Cuffs / Knife / Belt" is nevertheless a set of stories over which to linger.


He begins with the handcuffs; they are studded black leather, joined by a chain. I am naked apart from my bra and shorts. I feel smaller than usual, lying while He stands above me, his powerful body a giant to mine.

He takes my hands and puts them above my head. He moves me around so easily--if I tried I would not be able to resist him. A strap of thick leather clamps around my wrist and is drawn tight. It is drawn around the bed post and then my other wrist is in his strong grasp. The cuff slips over my hand and He cinches it tight.

I tilt my head back to look up at my now bound arms. The leather is dark in contrast to my skin, and the cuffs are unnecessarily thick and heavy. They look good and solid and tight.

The next fastening is a blindfold, cutting me off from the soft light of the bedroom, denying me any knowledge of His movements. It is only when I feel His fingers parting my lips that I know I am about to be gagged. I open wide and a solid, polished ball is placed between my jaws. Though I cannot see it, I know it is red. How many times has it been inside my mouth? How many times have I bitten down about it at the moment of my climax? I raise my head from the pillow to allow him to fasten the straps behind my head.

A collar goes around my neck. He is oddly tender, even as he secures me, making sure not to catch my hair or skin as he clicks the thing shut. I swallow, and feel my throat bob against the soft inner lining. No escaping this.

He strokes a hand against my side, his strong, rough hand. He who owns me. He who loves me.

The next restraints are around my thighs. They are thicker and heavier, like the bridle of some animal, and if I was not blindfolded I would be able to admire their strength. He cinches each one tight and there is the clinking of chain as he secures them to the bed. My legs are parted now, without any choice on my behalf. I am exposed to him. The bonds hold me. There is no escape and there is no fear. I am secure. I am calm with the leather around my limbs, ready for the touch of those rough hands.

Finally come the cuffs around my ankles. The fit snugly, tightly, stretching me out on the bed like an offering to Him. As He clicks them shut my imprisonment is complete. I am tied there, held as securely as in a lover's embrace, blind and gagged and spread, awaiting His touch.

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