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Four Erotic Stories


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Within "Four Erotic Stories" you'll find four wildly different sexy stories by Klayton Frost. The variety of scenarios here should content even the most demanding reader: from lesbianism to anonymous sex to sex in public and a story of solo pleasure. Lavish in detail and unrestrained in scope, these short pieces are sure to be read and enjoyed again and again.


Becky's first time with a girl happened almost by accident. They started out just sitting on the sofa, both of them drunk, buzzing with their drunkenness in front of the set. Then Lydia started to nuzzle at Becky's collarbone, flicking her tongue out, biting with those little, white teeth. Becky was too drunk to mind. Even when Lydia kissed her on the mouth Becky didn't do much more than laugh and push the older girl gently away.

At the time Becky had just finished with her latest boyfriend, breaking up after a pregnancy scare. It had been a while since she had fucked anyone, and that night had been spent at various bars and clubs, looking for a likely candidate. Nobody was found, and she and Lydia had stumbled back to the flat they shared, drunk and laughing, to slump in front of the TV.

For a while they went back to watching the set, but Lydia kept glancing at Becky. After a minute or two she extended a hand and place it flat on Becky's stomach and waited to see if she would remove it. She didn't, and so Lydia turned herself against Becky and started to grope for the other girl's breasts.

"What are you doing?" Becky pulled away, stopping Lydia's hand. Both were still laughing and tipsy. Lydia shushed her and continued, now slipping a hand down into Becky's jeans. "Hey!" Becky pushed her away and sat back on the sofa. "What the fuck?" She prickled, feeling hot suddenly. In their eagerness, Lydia's fingers had found her clit, albeit briefly. Becky's blood was flowing.

Becky knew Lydia was a lesbian. Had known it when they moved in together, and had been curious on many occasions. Never curious enough to try anything however.

"No," insisted Lydia, drunkenly. "No, you'll like this."

"I'm straight, Lydia. You know that."

Lydia looked taken aback for a moment. In contrast to Becky's shoulder-length brown hair, Lydia's was wild and wavy and dyed a bright red. Her face was rounder too, a small butterfly tattoo peeking out from her collarbone.

Undeterred, Lydia leaned in and put her lips over Becky's. Becky did not immediately resist, partly because of how reckless and floaty the alcohol in her system made her feel, partly because Lydia seemed so certain about what she was doing. There could be no harm in a kiss . . .

And there was no denying, Becky thought as Lydia's tongue explored her mouth, and the two twisted together on the sofa, that this was quite enjoyable. As good as kissing a guy. Better maybe. Lydia was softer and more relaxed, and her smell was like a wine, like a thing you could drink.

Then Lydia's hand was on the fastener of her jeans. Becky let her, intoxicated again by the older girl, her smell and the girlish taste of her mouth. Lydia see-sawed Becky's jeans down over her hips and then, stretching Becky out on the sofa, pulled them right off and let them fall to the floor. Shit, thought Becky faintly. What am I doing?

But she couldn't ignore it now. The buzzing, building sensation in her pussy. Couldn't deny how wet she was. The two girls began another long kiss, Lydia now lying almost on top of Becky, her eyes shut. Becky shut her eyes too. Surely this was wrong, dirty? Or was the dirtiness just another part of what made it good? These thoughts whirled through Becky's head and were gone--she had no space for them, no time.

Suddenly, Lydia was moving lower down Becky's body. Panic or excitement engulfed the younger girl and then her panties were gone, removed quickly and expertly and Lydia had started to lick.

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