Wednesday, 12 December 2012

On The Road


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"On The Road" follows the story of Dawn and Cal, who meet at a rest stop one day. Frustrated and lonely, Dawn decides to throw caution to the winds and take a chance, and together they slip off into the woods. Told first from one perspective, then the other, this is a two-part erotic story involving themes of spontaneous sex and anonymous encounters.


She really was incredibly pretty, Cal reflected. The bulkiness of her clothes somehow accentuated her femininity, the promise of her. And those eyes . . . so bright and sharp. He risked another glance, and saw that she was still staring. This time, he didn't look away. She smiled, and they held each other's eyes. There was, Cal thought, a seriousness there. A sadness. Strange . . .

What the hell, Cal decided. He got up and went over to her, and she stood as he approached. He had no idea what he was about to say, and so it was something of a relief when she smiled again, and raised a finger to her lips. She took his hand with her small fingers. She looked around, cautious, but the car park was empty except for them.

"Come on," she whispered, her voice carrying a faint, lilting accent. Cal followed her, unwilling to let go her hand, as she walked to the edge of the concrete and lead him off into the wood.

It was like a spell, an enchantment, with her leading him off into the trees. Everything was silent, and the leaves and twigs rustled under their feet. Cal didn't dare speak in case he broke the moment. They went a long way into the trees and when they were separated thoroughly from the road the girl stopped and looked around, turning completely on the spot to make sure they were completely alone. They were.

She kissed him. She had to raise herself a little on her toes, but then their faces were close, their eyes closed, her tongue inside his mouth. Her mouth tasted faintly of fruit. Cal put his tentative hands on her back and drew her into him. Her warm, soft body pressed close through their clothes and Cal found himself hardening.

The girl broke the kiss and backed off a way, her face flushed. The red blush made her look stunningly feminine. Cal had always had the idea that girls needed to be seduced, that they all were innocent. But this girl wasn't. She was knowing, somehow. Mature beyond her looks. She gave a tilt of her head, a coy, smiling invitation. It made Cal weak.

"I . . ." he began, but the girl shushed him again.

"No talk," she said. "No names." And she moved closer to him, her green eyes crossing a little as they remained fixed on him.

Cal was not quite sure what to do. He knew that he wanted her, that he desired her, sharply and strongly. But how did you begin? He extended a hand, which she caught and moved to her waist. She tucked his hand under the hem of her sweater, resting against the cool, flat flesh of her belly. He slid his hand around the curve of her body. Beneath his fingers was the waistband of her jeans, her underwear. He curled his fingers, digging into the soft flesh of her bottom. He squeezed and stroked.

The girl let this continue for a minute before backing away. Cal wondered if he had done something wrong, but then she began to fumble with the fastener of her jeans. He felt a brilliant spark of excitement. Was this really happening? She pulled her jeans over her hips and stepped out of them, revealing a pair of pink cotton panties, edged with white. And then she was peeling those away too, shyly, sliding them down her white, smooth legs. She stepped out of them and then looked up to meet his eyes again. Cal swallowed.

She moved into him once more and this time Cal knew what to do. He took her, one hand on her back and one on her hip and he lowered her gently onto the ground, damp leaves crunching beneath her. Her eyes slid delicately shut, her mouth open the width of a finger.

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