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Our young narrator has only ever had one boyfriend when she moves away to university and meets Dania. Confident, exotic Dania, who talks openly about her interests in bondage and domination. It's not long before our narrator plucks up the courage to ask Dania to show her what she's talking about - and show her Dania does...


Suddenly, without knowing quite how I got there, I was sitting in her room, quite relaxed and at ease as she talked openly about flogging and whipping and tying and gags. Something about her, and about the matter-of-fact, confident way she said these things put me inexplicably at ease.

"And then you have the single tail whip. That's my favourite, but it hurts like hell. You have to be careful. If you do it too hard it can even cut the skin. It's not something to mess about with."

I sipped my vodka and coke. It was surreal, to sit here and have all these glorious secrets poured out for me. It was almost like a dream. After years of wondering, things were spread out now in front of me like an open toybox. And it felt, impossibly, like the most normal thing in the world.

Drink had made me bold. "So... do you... are you, like, the one who does things to the other one?" I asked.

Dania smiled. "You mean am I a domme?"

I'd never heard the word before, but it excited me in exactly the same way that the word "whip" did. There was something about it that was deeply and erotically feminine. "What does that mean?"

"It means that I'm the dominant one," explained Dania. "I'm the one who's in control, the one who inflicts pain. The one who fucks rather than the one who gets fucked. Usually, anyway."

It was hard to stop myself giggling at the word "fuck". Part of me was still as innocent as a schoolgirl, frightened of being caught using bad language.

"So you've whipped people?" I asked.

"Of course," said Dania.

"Girls and boys?"

"Mainly girls. Most boys don't really turn me on."

"What... what's it like?" The question trembled on its way past my lips, but I felt a thrill of excitement as soon as I'd said it.

"It's good," said Dania, smiling as if in memory. "The feeling of power is like nothing else. But it's more than that. It's seeing the way your sub - that's the submissive, the other person - seeing the way they react to the pain, or to your touch. It's so powerful, knowing what you can do to them. Knowing how much pleasure you can give them..."

She tailed off, watching my face, and I became aware of myself again. A pulse beat in between my legs, and I felt a warmth there that I hadn't felt in a long time. Her words were like matches flaring, lighting a fuse that lead directly to my brain.

There was a long, quiet moment then, both of us sitting and considering each other across the empty, intimate space of the small room. I could feel myself wavering on the edge of something, on the very lip of a world that I was both desperate and terrified to explore.

Eventually, I opened my mouth again. "Will you show me?" I said, this time without even the slightest tremor.

Dania returned my gaze, equally steady. "Certainly," she said. And then she hopped quickly to her feet. "But not tonight. You're drunk, and I want you sober the first time we play. Tomorrow. Come back tomorrow evening and then I'll... show you."

"Tomorrow evening," I repeated. It already seemed like an age away, and there was no getting away from the fact of my horniness, the need that was crawling in my belly like a hunger. "Can't we-"

"Tomorrow," said Dania firmly. "Come to my room at seven. Wear a skirt and a top. No underwear. You understand?"

I felt a little thrill that only made the longing worse. I almost shuddered with it. Being given orders by her. No underwear. "I understand," I said.

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