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The Spanking Collection


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For the first time ever you'll find published here in one volume all of erotic author Klayton Frost's spanking fiction. From an impromptu office spanking in "Sir" to school discipline in "A Further Education" and some severe domestic discipline in "Correction" there's something to suit every kinky taste.


Anderson stood behind his desk. "Shut the door," he said tersely, and I obeyed. "Come and stand here," he said. I did, and he looked me up and down. His eyes were merciless, cold and hard. Around his mouth hovered just the slightest hint of a smile. "Take off your clothes," he said.

I almost balked at this. Never before had I been undressed in the presence of a man. It would be humiliating, completely against my nature... but it was an order, and I was helpless to disobey. I pulled off my school jumper and shrugged out of the shirt, feeling a blush creep up my neck as my bra was exposed. I wiggled my skirt down over my hips and discarded it, standing there now in just my underwear. Automatically I crossed my arms in front of me, shielding myself.

Anderson leaned calmly against his desk for a moment. Then he stood, picked up the cane that rested against the wall and walked up to me. Suddenly the tip of the cane was underneath my chin. A tremor ran through me, and a small noise of surprise and fear and arousal escaped my lips. I was shaking. For the first time I felt just how hard the cane was. It bent against my skin, thin and whippy.

"I said take off your clothes," breathed Anderson. I could smell him, his cologne washing over me. The smell hypnotic and powerful. This was the man who would punish me. He stepped back and, under his gaze, I stripped off my underwear and stood there naked as the day I was born. Without a single stitch to protect me I felt small and vulnerable. The shaking was worse now, amplifying along with my butterfly nerves.

Anderson came to me again, and this time put a firm hand on the back of my neck, propelling my forward until I stood before the bench. And then that same hand, still snug on the back of my neck, was pushing me down, bending me over. My skin met wood and leather with what felt like an electric shock. I lay across the bench, my bottom exposed, my sex open, utterly naked, my brain a storm of conflicting emotions. I was horny and scared and euphoric all at once.

And then Anderson started fastening the straps. Something happened to me as the first one cinched tight on my wirst. I was trapped now, bound and confined. I could not escape, could not struggle--and my first reaction was pure, shuddering panic. But it didn't last. With each restraint he fastened the terror diminished. My choice had been taken away. I was going to face my punishment, whether I wanted to or not. It wasn't my choice anymore, but his. Completely his.

The final strap pulled tight over the small of my back, leather against flesh. And then to my surprise I felt Anderson's hands brushing my cheeks. Something rubbery and large was pushed gently into my mouth, forcing my jaw open wide. I bit down on it as a strap was fastened around the back of my head. I had been gagged. Even if I changed my mind halfway through, even if the cane was too much for me to stand, I would not be able to protest. Around the rubber obstruction of the gag I could hear myself whimpering softly with arousal and fear.

The next thing I heard was the sound of Anderson picking up the cane.

Seconds stretched out, and I lay there face down, unable to see what was happening behind me. I could feel the pulse pumping in my sex. I could feel my tense limbs tight against the restraints. My heart thudded fit to burst.

Just do it, I wanted to scream at him. Just get it over with.

I heard the swish of the cane cutting the air a moment before it hit my flesh. The pain was excruciating. A white hot whipline of hurt across my backside. My teeth clamped down automatically on the gag and a scream stifled in my throat. 

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