Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Full Education


In response to demand from readers, here are all three parts of the "Education" series presented together in one volume. This is the story of Jane, a student at the prestigous St Martinas university - the only college in the UK still to use the cane as a method of punishment...


The silence in the hall was absolute. I was sure I could hear the blonde girl breathing, though looking back that must have been my imagination. Anderson's footsteps echoed as he strode across to the side of the stage and picked up the cane. It was a thin, whippy black thing. Not wood, but something synthetic and cruel looking. Anderson crossed the stage once more, slowly and leisurely, and took up position behind the blonde girl.

Everyone waited.

"Last week Elisia Simpson and Cherry Harris left university grounds without signing out, and returned drunk and under the influence of drugs. For this breach of the rules each shall receive fifty strokes with the cane." Anderson turned his attention to the blonde girl, Elisia, speaking to the back of her head in a voice the whole hall could hear. "If you swear or otherwise behave unacceptably during your punishment, an extra twelve strokes will be added."

And then, without any further ceremony, the punishment began. It was brutal.

Anderson lowered the cane against the curve of Elisia's bottom, clearly taking his mark. Then he raised it up high to his shoulder and brought it swishing down. I and everyone in the hall heard the noise it made as it cut through the air. And then: CRACK! The sound of the impact was so loud and so sharp it made me jump, my heart pounding. Poor Elisia jerked against the straps the held her, a strangled yelp escaping her lips. The way she was angled I couldn't see her face, but I could imagine the look of pain there.

Anderson didn't pause. He raised the cane and brought it down again, as hard and fast as before. This time I saw it hit. Little ripples ran through the flesh of Elisia's bottom and thighs. Already livid red marks were just visible around the edges of her panties.

Another stroke. Even though I knew to expect it the sound made me cringe. He was hitting her so hard! "Oooowwww!" Elisia screamed at the top of her lungs, but Anderson paid no attention whatsoever.

The strokes kept coming, hard and fast. No sound in the hall except for the rhythmic swish and CRACK of the cane, and Elisia's anguished wails. Within ten strokes she was crying freely, her body tense and thrashing against the restraints, desperate to escape any further pain. But there was no escape and she could do nothing but lie there helpless and take it, and howl with fresh pain each time the rod landed.

It seemed to go on forever. At thirty lashes all the fight seemed to go out of her, and she went limp over the bench, shuddering. Her yelps of pain were weak now, drowned by her sobs. "Please! Please it hurts so much. I can't... Not any more... OOOOWwww!"

It felt as though the punishment had been going on forever. Thirty-five strokes, then forty. Elisia clung to the bench, head down, no longer fighting, but howling and crying out with each blow that landed. I glanced over to Cherry where she stood at the side of the stage, hands on head. She was shaking from head to toe. I wasn't surprised. What must it be like to stand there and hear Elisia's cries of pain and know that you would be next?


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