Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Punishment

Miranda has been a bad girl. She played away and didn't tell her master - and worse still she kept the whole thing a secret for almost a year. Now, however, she can't help but let the guilty secret slip out - and so she must bend over and take her punishment. It'll be one of the most severe spankings she's ever received, but she wants nothing more than to be forgiven, and so she'll grit her teeth and endure every single stroke...


David's punished me twice before. He spanks me on a regular basis, of course, but that's different. When we're playing he uses his hand, or his leather belt, both of which don't hurt all that much. In fact, a nice long hand spanking is more pleasurable than it is painful. When it's a punishment, however, he uses his crop. It's a hateful thing - thin and flexible and whippy. It hurts like fire - I'd rather take a hundred strokes from David's belt than ten from the crop.

The previous two punishments were for pretty minor infractions. The first time it was because I borrowed his credit card to buy a few clothes, and ended up spending more than he'd agreed to. Like an idiot I didn't tell him, hoping that he perhaps wouldn't notice. But he did, and he gave me twenty strokes with the crop for it, which I took while lying flat on the bed with my hands behind my head. When I stood up afterwards the pillow was wet with tears and my backside hurt like I'd just been branded - but the guilty weight I'd been carrying around for the last week was gone, and I was glad of it.

The second the time it was because I drove home after a work party when I'd had a few drinks. Maybe I was over the limit, maybe not, but either way it was a stupid, stupid decision. I could easily have got a taxi, or got a lift home with a friend. For that David's punishment was thirty strokes, which he gave me while I stood in the middle of the floor, bent over and gripping my ankles.

Both times we'd talked it out and agreed that a punishment was the best way forward. And both times I'd felt so much better afterwards - lighter, happier, absolved of my sins. David said he felt happier too, knowing that I wouldn't behave in those ways again, knowing that I'd learned my lesson the hard way.

This time I knew that I'd be learning the very hard way. Thirty strokes would be getting off lightly - I'd count myself fortunate, I decided, if he gave me anything less than fifty. But that was fine - I wanted to be punished, I wanted to suffer for what I'd done. I'd never needed the pain or the humiliation of a long, hard spanking more than I did then. That was the only way I could be sure that David would forgive me. More than anything that was the only way I could really and truly forgive myself.


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