Sunday, 15 November 2015

Discipline & Desire

Ever since she started university, Cassie has been obsessed with her lecturer Julia. Instead of taking notes, she spends her time drawing sketches and playing out fantasies in her head. Cassie longs to be disciplined by her lecturer. And yet she knows it can never happen... or can it? One day Julia asks Cassie to stay behind after class. What happens next changes both their worlds.

Cassie lies flat on her bed, face down with her hand underneath her. Her housemates are home, and gathered in the kitchen downstairs, and so she bites the pillow to keep herself from making any noise. She thinks of Julia. Beautiful Julia with her tight body and her bright blue eyes. Her pulled-back hair and slender hips. The soft curve of Julia’s tits, hidden beneath her sweater. Cassie’s fingers explore the cleft between her legs, rubbing in long, slow circles. Cassie shudders with pleasure.

She imagines herself and Julia alone in Julia’s office. Julia pushing her back against the desk – steadying her with one confident hand, turning her face up and drawing her into a long, slow, open-mouthed kiss. She imagines removing Julia’s sweater to discover those perfect, heavy breasts cupped in half-moons of black satin – the same black satin that arrows between Julia’s slim legs.

Cassie is so wet that her fingers slip. So wet that she’s dripping. She dips her fingers inside herself and can’t help but moan at the sensation. In her brain, behind her closed eyes, she makes her fingers into Julia’s fingers. She is lying on Julia’s desk while Julia kisses her, and works at her pussy. Then Julia is kissing her neck, her breasts, her stomach. Down and down... and Cassie imagines that her fingers are not her fingers anymore at all, but Julia’s sweet, wet tongue.

Something is quivering in the pit of Cassie’s stomach now. The pitch of it rising. Her free hand makes a fist of the bedsheets and her body spasms a little, her hips rocking against her hand. She feels like a firework with a burning fuse, like a cup about to overflow. She bites down hard on the pillow and pictures Julia on the desk now instead of her. Julia naked (so beautiful, her skin so perfect) and spread and ready for her. And she imagines lowering herself to Julia, bringing her mouth to Julia’s pussy and tasting her. Tasting her juices. Licking her clit, and feeling her writhe with pleasure. She imagines Julia’s hands gripping her hair, pushing her down. Julia grinding her hips up against her.

Cassie imagines Julia coming, and that is enough to send her over the edge. She groans into the pillow once more, and the firework in her belly explodes, sending sparks skittering to the very top of her head, to the tips of her toes, all the way up her spine. She shudders, convulses, her hand cupping her spasming pussy. She cannot think – her mind is a screaming blank. All she knows is pleasure so intense it takes her breath away.

When at last her orgasm subsides, Cassie curls up in her bed and lies there, slowly regaining her breath. Lazy little sparks still spiral through her stomach and limbs, and each one reminds her of Julia. Beautiful, unattainable, impossible Julia. Cassie thinks that she may very well be in love.


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